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Meatless monday, brainless life.

Школа охренела: родит. комитет прислал письмо с блестящей идеей, что теперь у нас будет Meatless Monday, мы боремся за экологию и еще какую-то херь.

Когда я закончила длинную матерную тираду, в которой условно приличными словами были meatless monday, "веганы" и "промывание мозгов", я пошла почитать предлагаемое меню. Легче мне не стало - там фигурировали еще и соевые сосиски.
Тут я накатала письма мамам мирриных подружек, черновик письма в школу, из которого с трудом вымарала пассажи про идиотов (но оставила совет подумать, не завести ли заодно Showrless thursday и "не стираем одежду каждую четную неделю") и пошла спать.

Проснуло меня в 5 утра зачем-то, а когда мне не спится, я читаю. В этот раз я пошла гуглить meatless monday и быстренько просветилась. Так что сейчас я пополняю черновик письма цитатами на англ. из исследований и из, собственно, исторических корней этого идиотского "понедельника без мяса".

В целом затея мне кажется крайним идиотизмом. Израильские дети, в отл. от американских, едят постное куриное или индюшачье мясо. Продавать этот "meatless monday" как борьбу за здоровье в Израиле - полный bullshit, вместо этого лучше бы перестали обваливать шницели в толстенной корке из крошек и добавили бы больше фруктов в меню. А уж соевые сосиски - это венец всего, Soy is thought by some vegans to be a source of Vitamin B12. But there is research to indicate that Vitamin B12 analogs in soy are not absorbed and may actually increase the body’s requirement for the vitamin. Soy also apparently increases the body’s requirement for vitamin D.

Other research has found that high levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. The phytic acid is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking.

You have evidently heard about the research that suggests a link between soy and cancer, especially breast cancer. The cause of this potential problem are isoflavones, also called phytoestrogens because they mimic estrogen. Some studies suggest that high isoflavone levels might increase the risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer, in postmenopausal women. Research data, however, are not conclusive, and some studies show just the opposite – under some conditions, soy may help prevent breast cancer. Recent research at Belfast’s Royal Maternity Hospital indicates that isoflavones decrease the ability of a man’s sperm to fertilize eggs.

Children are at especially great danger from the phytoestrogen in soy-based formula. According to the Washington DC-based Weston A. Price Foundation, there are many adverse effects reported in the scientific literature, including thyroid disorders, asthma, digestive disorders, calcium deficiencies leading to rickets, high manganese levels leading to brain damage and endocrine disruption. A 1986 study in Puerto Rico found that use of soy formula was strongly correlated with premature maturation in girls. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics admits that early exposure to soy through commercial infant formulas may be a leading cause of soy allergies among older children and adults. The Weston A. Price Foundation is investigating instances of serious physical or medical consequences as a result of eating soy and is contemplating providing assistance to those who want to pursue legal action.
[10:31:28] Koalena: Soy now lurks in nearly 60 percent of the foods sold in supermarkets and natural food stores. Much of this is "hidden" in products where it wouldn't ordinarily be expected, such as fast-food burgers and Bumblebee canned tuna. Soy is also a key ingredient in ersatz products with names like Soysage, Not Dogs, Fakin Bakin, Sham Ham, and TofuRella, which have been named after and made to look like the familiar meat and diary products they are intended to replace.

There's nothing natural about these modern soy protein products. Textured soy protein, for example, is made by forcing defatted soy flour through a machine called an extruder under conditions of such extreme heat and pressure that the very structure of the soy protein is changed. Production differs little from the extrusion technology used to produce starch-based packing materials, fiber-based industrial products, and plastic toy parts, bowls, and plates.16
[10:31:53] Koalena: The process of making soy protein isolate (SPI) begins with defatted soybean meal, which is mixed with a caustic alkaline solution to remove the fiber, then washed in an acid solution to precipitate out the protein. The protein curds are then dipped into another alkaline solution and spray-dried at extremely high temperatures. SPI is then often spun into protein fibers using technology borrowed from the textile industry. These refining processes remove "off flavors," "beany" tastes, and some of the worst flatulence-producing components. They improve digestibility, but vitamin, mineral, and protein quality are sacrificed, and levels of carcinogens such as nitrosamines are increased.17-22 SPIs appear in so many products that consumers would never guess that the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) decreed in 1979 that the only safe use for SPIs was for sealers for cardboard packages.23

Meatless monday завелся во время войн, когда действительно была нехватка пищи и в ходу были карточки. "During World War I, the U.S. Food Administration urged families to reduce consumption of key staples to aid the war effort. “Food Will Win the War,” the government proclaimed, and “Meatless Monday” and “Wheatless Wednesday” were introduced to encourage Americans to do their part. <...> The campaign returned during World War II and beyond, when Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman used rationing to help feed war-ravaged Europe"
К жизни эту затею вернул рекламщик: "Meatless Monday was revived in 2003 by former ad man turned health advocate Sid Lerner, who saw the prevalence of preventable illnesses associated with excessive meat consumption and decided to introduce Meatless Monday as a public health awareness campaign".
Изначально кампэйнеры за Meatless Monday утверждали, что их поддерживает USDA, но USDA этой поддержки им не оказывала.

"The initiative is backed by the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future and endorsed by 30 schools of public health. According to the Animal Agriculture Alliance, the Lerners have worked with JHU on a number of initiatives. In 2000, the Helaine Heilbrunn Lerner Fund gave JHU’s School of Public Health over $546,000 for the “Center for a Livable Future” for an environmental program targeting livestock agriculture and in 2001, another foundation in their name, gave $900,000 to an animal-rights program at JHU, which also benefited from donations from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The Lerners also gave more than $4 million between 1997 and 2000 to the Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE), a group that is focused on eliminating modern animal agriculture. This link suggests that the ulterior motives of those behind Meatless Mondays may not be as simple as they might seem to the casual observer."
За почти 6 млн люди поддержат любую идею. Добровольно и с песней.

Собираю советы, что еще в письмо дописать. Я планирую оперировать вышеприведенными цитатами (переводить на иврит не стану, раз им хватило таланту по-обезьяньи копировать американские начинания, осилят почитать на англ) плюс отметить, что кейтерингу далеко до стандартов здорового и сбалансированного питания, и тетки из комитета должны бы работать над этим, добиваясь чтоб было больше фруктов и меньше жира, а не меньше мяса. Плюс всем заботящимся об экологии надо отказаться от одноразовой посуды, синтетики и, в общем, компьютеров и тлф. Или начать с изгнания пакетированных чипсов и бамбы из школьного кафетерия. Take your pick.
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